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Who Will You Be Seated With? There Is A Lot Of Interest In A “Korean Actress Seating Chart.”

A rumored “Korean actress seating plan” is currently a big topic on numerous online message boards.
A purported “Korean actress seating chart” that was published on Twitter on October 17th caught people’s attention.

The names of numerous well-known actresses are listed on a picture of a classroom desk on the chart. Netizens are stating which of the vacant seats they would prefer to occupy depending on the actress they would like to sit next to at school.

The names of 35 well-known Korean actresses are listed on the circulating “seating chart,” including Kim Hye-soo, Jun Ji-hyun, Kim Hee-sun, Lee Young-ae, Son Ye-jin, Gong Hyo-jin, Moon So-ri, Lee Min-jung, Jeon Do-yeon, Yeom Jeong-ah, Kim Ha-neul, Bae Doona, Lee Bo-young,

For K-drama viewers, these are all well-known, well-known actors.

The infographic was first shared on Twitter and has subsequently traveled to important Korean discussion boards like “theqoo.”

Many online users also explain why they chose certain seats, writing things like, “I’d select number 6 next to Kim Hye-soo, but I’d be too thrilled to study if I sit there,” or “7!!! I like Kim Hee Sun a lot! “, “Please, 8 or 12; Kim So-yeon and Kim Hyun-joo are both fantastic,” etc.

The “Korean starlet seating plan” that has been going around internet is shown below.

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