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Why Is BTS V and BLACKPINK Jennie’s Agency Quiet? Knetz Concerned

Knetizens are feeling bad for BTS V and Jennie as they keep leaking out their pictures

Knetizens Reactions:

1. It’s a photo that Jennie posted on personal information, so why are you mosaicing it and making it look like it’s a leaked photo?

2. This first is a picture Jennie posted on Instagram.

3. I don’t understand if you’re leaking ᆢ other than that, or you’re enjoying both situations

4. Let’s get attention No, they didn’t commit any crime, why are you making it hard?

5. If they cleanly admit that they are dating, both Muggles and antis will lose interest.

6. At this point, the agency should do something, yg, this is too much

7. Her face is killing me

8. Worry about useless celebrities haha Don’t worry, I won’t die And the second is not Jenny, but a malicious composite of Jenny’s face on someone else’s face

9. Seeing Jennie’s bare face, her self-esteem is increasing

10. This is too much


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