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Why Rosé Always Poses Sideways In Their Group Photos, Knetz Discuss

Reason why Blackpink Rosé poses like standing sideways whenever they are taking group picture is because of her height…. Knetizens thinks she is the tallest among members


This is why Rosé always poses like this

She almost always stands sideways in group photos

If we stand up straight together, there is a difference in height, so I think they are trying to match their height.

Knetizens Reactions:

1. In the photo, Rosé is taller than the members with heels. When I look at Rosé’s personal pictorial, it looks like a steamed model.

2. I think that too. There is a little difference in their heights

3. Jennie’s height is a remake, I don’t think it’s even 160

4. The height difference is also much, but Jennie’s legs look too short because she’s next to Rosé.

5. She is 169 tall, tall even for an idol.

6. Wow, Rosé is a lot taller than I thought.

7. Wow, Lisa has a small head and long arms and legs, so I thought she was tall, but it was cute.

8. Oh my, the legs, the length, and the hair is a tall queen


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