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WINNER Tae-hyun And Seo Min-jae Got Arrested By Police For Injecting Meth, Knetz React

Nam Tae-hyun and Seo Min-jae are arrested for Injecting meth which is an illegal drug…

Nam Tae-hyun and ‘Heart Signal 3 Seo Min-jae have been booked on meth charges.

According to the Yongsan Police Station on the 26th, the two have been charged with violating the Narcotics Control Act and police will summon them next week for questioning.

A police official stated, “We don’t know the exact date of the summons yet since Seo Min-jae is in the hospital but he’ll be summoned in the next few days.”

Their drug allegations broke out after Seo Min-jae wrote posted a picture with Nam Tae-hyun on SNS and stated, “Nam Tae-hyun is a meth head. His needle is in my room or office cabinet… he hit me.”

Nam Tae-hyun later denied the rumors through his SNS writing, “I apologize to those who may have been surprised by yesterday’s situation. There was a quarrel between lovers but we reconciled well. I sincerely apologize for causing concern to so many people with personal issues.” He didn’t directly mention Seo Min-jae’s meth exposure and deleted the apology within one day, raising questions.

Nam Tae-hyun debuted in 2014 as member of YG Entertainment‘s idol group WINNER but withdrew in 2016 over “psychological health issues.” He later re-debuted as a vocalist for his band South Club and asserted several times that “he doesn’t do drugs.”

He wrote on SNS, “I don’t don’t drugs” and revealed a tattoo that read, “I am drugs.” He also declared, “I’ve never committed a crime or used drugs.”

Meanwhile, the authenticity of the meth allegations are expected to be revealed through investigations.

Knetizens Reactions:

1. If you keep delaying like this nothing will be left to detect in the hairs!! Is it really that hard to do the drug test right away?! This is why drugs keep spreading in our country.

2. Seo Min-jae’s appearance on TV became her downfall. She quickly rose to fame and made easy money but lost her valuable reputation.

3. A smart bright woman who lived well met a trash man like him and ended her life.. she could’ve met other celebs but chose to date someone who always looks like he’s high on drugs.

4. Police just gave them more time to bleach and cut their hairs.

5. Nam Tae-hyun is totally the gaslighting type.. all the women he dated are falling apart.

6. Looking at him now, he looks quite similar to Lee Eun-hae..

7. But all the evidence is gone, this is why we have something called a preliminary investigation

8. Even in the US… only hardcore drug addicts use needles to inject drugs.. why are drugs so popular in our country these days? We need to strengthen our laws.

9. Ah fuck.. why put out notifications of the drug tests.

10. From the beginning, he always seemed the stubborn type.. physiognomy is truly a science


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