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With His Most Recent Marketing Stunt, AKMU’s Chanhyuk Has Left Internet Users Stunned.

Chanhyuk of AKMU stunned internet users with his most recent marketing stunt.

On October 18 KST, a user of the internet posted a message under the heading “Seriously, why is AKMU’s Chanhyuk like this?” The netizen posted images of AKM’s Chanhyuk, who was recently seen performing a publicity stunt, in this post. Chanhyuk was observed standing in the midst of a sidewalk within a clear display case, as if he were an artifact at a museum.

Chanhyuk sported a bright red dress, adding black shoes and angular sunglasses to finish the appearance. As people crowded around him to take pictures, he remained motionless. The netizen said, “He serves only as a display. Lol.”

Internet users responded by saying:

A display, LOL

“He’s a tremendously interesting guy. Lol.”

“Chanhyuk has been doing all he wants to accomplish for real ever since we told him to do it,” we said.

What happens if he needs to sneeze?

His life is contemporary art in and of itself, lol.

“He is hilarious. LOLLL.”

“How is he acting? LOL.”

Chanhyuk is so awesome.

It’s a real person, not a figurine, right?

He was reading a newspaper while perched on a sofa outside in Yeouido a few days ago.

On the way to work, I wondered what that was.

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