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“Worst day of my life,” Henry captioned photographs of his damaged face.

A picture of the significantly swollen face of singer Henry has been made public.
Henry, a singer, captioned a picture on his Instagram account on October 10th, “The worst day of my life. But I did eventually notice it.

Henry’s face appears to be bloated and red in numerous locations in the image. Concerningly, he also exhibits a wide and disproportionally huge area of swelling that is not consistent with a typical mosquito bite.

He concluded by posting a picture of himself catching a mosquito and implying that the wound was caused by a mosquito bite.

I can’t truly take retribution, the singer added as he vented his rage. What ought should I do?

Following the publication of the images, supporters of Henry commented on them, saying things like, “If the mosquito you caught is thin, the culprit is not him,” and “If the insect bites a person like that, it will bleed when caught.” The true criminal is hiding, but this is so tidy,” “That’s enough for the hospital,” Shouldn’t you go there?” and so forth.

However, when campaigning in China, Henry had previously became involved in a “pro-China scandal.”

Henry recently responded by saying, “We abstained from responding to personal assaults, malicious distortions, and spreading false information, but we took severe legal proceedings because we decided we could no longer overlook extreme threats and threats to our families,” through his agency.

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