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‘Wow, 150 Billion?’ BTS Jungkook Surpasses 150 Billion Hits On Personal TikTok, Knetz Shocked

BTS Jungkook is the first to surpass 150 billion individual hashtags on TikTok

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Wow, 150 billion?

2. Jungkook is the king of TikTok!! If he releases a solo album and uploads a challenge, people will go crazy

3. I also download TikTok to watch Jungkook I love Jungkook’s videos, they’re fun

4. What’s more amazing is that Messi is in 2nd place

5. Wow 150 billion is such a big number, I can’t even understand it, Jungkook is the trend

6. 150 billion? Wow this is crazy, Jungkook is amazing

7. Jungkook’s popularity is beyond imagination

8. Not 15 billion, but 150 billion? Is this possible?

9. 150 billion; I can’t feel it. Messi is in 2nd place.. This is crazy

10. When I looked at the title, I was shocked, it’s not 15 billion but 150 billion


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