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‘Wow, Finally!’ Park Bo-gum Moved To A Church, Knetizens React

Knetz are surprised Park Bo-gum move to a church from pseudo. They are glad he has moved finally

“Last week, I attended the 7 o’clock service at Seobinggo Onnuri. And I saw Park Bogum.. On that familiar chair… *falls down*…. I’m so fascinated to see him come here during the [chuseok] holiday. Anyways welcome to our church Bogum-ah Please join us and keep coming for a long time ㅋㅋ” It’s been longer than I thought that he changed churches, he was witnessed After discharging in August, there were accounts of him going to different churches

-He’s going to a different church lately.. My friend saw him at the church and told me..

– Hul so he departed from Cornerstone church?
– I don’t know what happened to the Cornerstone… People said that he appeared in Gangnam’s X Church~
– Is that the same computer as Sean? ㅋㅋ People said they walked there together

Knetizens Reactions:

1. This is so good! There must have been a moment when you felt the need to change something, but now you can enjoy it without any discomfort!

2. I was cleverly blacked out a lot because of religion… it’s perfect

3. It’s Park Bo-gum’s Jeongbyeong, I can’t use my religion for anything more than my political career, so it’s a riot, and it’s the same with talking with family.

4. Finally, I’m glad

5. I’ve heard about the move for a long time, but it was because he was constantly being ridiculed. he don’t have any proof… Anyway, hopefully it’s in the right direction.

6. Jo Hye-ryun used to be a cult, but the people around him actively encouraged him to quit the cult and convert to a regular church.

7. But, Park Bo-gum’s family seems to be attending, is this the case?

8. Oh, did you finally escape the pseudo? Does your family know? I’m glad you got to know Sean and felt something.

9. Well done, congratulations on escaping the pseudo

10. It’s ridiculous… There are a lot of strange Christians, and I wonder if they’re cults or Shincheonji. Naturally, the difference between a pseudonym and an ordinary church is too much. To non-religious people, don’t do this.


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