“Wow New Jeans is a rookie, how do they have so many fans?” – Knetizens Wonder

K-Netizens surprised how New Jeans are becoming very popular with many fans

K-Netizens Reactions:

1. The song is good, the kids are all pretty, the styling is good, the concept is good.

2. I was interested because it was Min Hee-jin’s group, the song was so good, the concept was also

3. It’s not virtuous, but the streamers I watch like New Jeans, so I started liking MCA’s stage too

4. I think the song is crazy, but then the kids just laugh because they’re so pretty

5. There were a lot of people waiting in anticipation of the Min Hee-jin group.

6. Min Hee-jin was a hot topic even before Hybra came out, and even after it came out, it met expectations, so it led to popularity.

7. The song is good, the members are full of charm, and I want to support them by performing well.

8. I watched the music video and it soaked in. I’ve been doing my best for over 15 years, but this is the first time for a female idol like this.

9. I saw the music video because it came out first, so I really liked the song hahahahahahahahaha

10. The company did a good job promoting it


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