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Yang Hyun Suk Maintains His Denial That He Attempted To Hide B.I.’s Drug-Related Charges.

Yang Hyun Suk maintains his denial that he attempted to hide B.I.’s drug-related accusations.

At the 23rd Criminal Agreement Division of the Seoul Central District Court, Yang Hyun Suk and other defendants were on trial for threatening behavior on November 1. The former YG Entertainment CEO allegedly threatened former singing trainee “A” when they alerted authorities to B.I’s alleged drug use, claims the prosecution.

According to reports, Yang Hyun Suk said to “A,” “I can see anything you say in the inquiry.” “In the world of entertainment, it would be simple to kill someone like you,” “I’ll offer you a reward and assign a lawyer for you if you take back your statement to the police,” and other such statements.

He denied the allegations, saying, “The majority of the tales are untrue. I advised them to act responsibly, meaning that they shouldn’t do drugs, and I did it out of concern. We spent the majority of the time consoling and listening to them.” Further emphasizing that he never threatened “A,” Yang Hyun Suk added, “There’s no possibility that those words were said.”

Yang Hyun Suk is accused of making threats and using coercion to get ‘A,’ who reported B.I to the police for allegedly using drugs, to retract their statement. A subsequently claimed Yang Hyun Suk had intimidated them and that they had confirmed their story to the police.

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