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Yein, a former member of Lovelyz, shocked everyone by taking pictures while lying on a hotel bed.

The most recent images of former Lovelyz member Jung Yein have generated interest.
Jung Yein uploaded a number of pictures to her Instagram account on October 10. Jung Yein can be seen posing in a hotel room in the images that have been made public. She was decked out in a black tiny dress with bare shoulders.

Attention was drawn to her prominently displayed cleavage and collarbone line in particular. Netizens couldn’t help but notice Yein’s remarkable maturity and maximal feminine and sexual charm at the same time.

Another former member of Lovelyz, Yoo Jiae, remarked after seeing the picture, “It’s hot, hot chick.” The remarks “How can you be that pretty,” “You are very pretty,” “It appears like you took a pictorial,” and “Sexy” were among the others that other online users posted to express their surprise.

The lead role in the upcoming web drama “The Country Who Wants to Be An Insider” (literal translation), which stars Jung Yein as Lee Nara, will be released in the second half of this year.

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