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“Yoo-jung Wins”, Knetz Compares BLACKPINK Jennie And Kim Yoo-jung Wearing The Same Clothes

Jennie and Kim Yoo Jung wear the same clothes but have different vibes

Jennie looks sexy

Kim Yoo Jung looks lovely and innocent

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Jennie feels like a hipster artist, Kim Yoo Jung feels like a pure actress

2. Jennie is yellow and Yoo Jung is white

3. Jennie looks like a famous foreign influencer, and Kim Yoo Jung looks like a Korean celebrity

4. Yoo Jung is amazing

5. Jennie looks sexy and Yoo Jung looks innocent? I think both of them are well dressed

6. Looking at the comments, I think men must be crazy about Jennie

7. Jenny is a hot feeling that the West likes, and Kim Yoo-jung has a sweet and innocent feeling. They are both completely different and beautiful

8. Yoojung wins.

9. They’re both pretty, I’m envious because they have pretty shoulders

10. I really like Yoo Jung’s pure vibe


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