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‘Yoona Is An All-time Legend’, Knetz React: If Yoona Makes Her Debut Now, Can She Still Become Top Visual

Knetizens are discussing about Girl’s Generation Yoona that she is very pretty, she can still become Top visual if she make her debut today

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Even I gather all the girl group centers and make a group, I think Yoona will be the center.

2. Yoona is so pretty…. I envy her physique, her face and body are getting really close

3. If Kim Tae-hee is an actress forever, then Yoona is an idol is forever.

4. She is so pretty, it’s not even unattractive

5. Yoona is an all-time legend… With a face like that and a career like that, she might lose her original intentions, but she is a good person and works hard even when she goes out on variety shows.

6. It’s amazing how the center of female idols who rub against Yoona even a little can’t come.

7. I’ve never seen a person prettier than Yoona in my life. But I think she has a very good personality!!

8. She’s really pretty~~ I’m envious because she’s tall and has a pretty body line

9. To be honest, standing next to an actress is even prettier

10. Yoona is not only an idol, but also a top actress in her 30s. Did you not see Son Ye-jin standing next to Yoona and turning into a squid?


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