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“You Are Better Than IZ*ONE” Knetizens React To Kepler’s Showcase Seat Photos

Knetz are discussing about Kepler showcase seat pictures, they are doing well really

We had our debut showcase yesterday in Japan ㅜㅜ

They said we’re going to do this two more times today .

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Why is it so popular in Japan?

2. Is it true that Kepler is the most popular overseas among the 4th generation? Not only in Japan but also in the US?

3. Kepler is the 4th generation leader overseas

4. You’re better than IZ*ONE

5. There is definitely a Japanese member in the group, so it seems like they are holding the Japanese fandom and Hikaru is always high on fancams.

6. The Japanese are very supportive of their own people

7. That’s a lot The members must feel really good

8. If you look at the homepage, it says 9,000 seats can be accommodated

9. It seems like it is more popular in Asian countries than in Korea, where the interest in the audition program was lost because the girl group called them all in Korea, China and Japan.

10. I wish it was this popular in Korea.


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