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“You Have To Pay More Tax” ITZY’s Ryujin Calls Out Joy During The Broadcast, Knetz React

Knetizens are reacting to what ITZY Ryujin said to Joy about Crush during a broadcast


Ryujin, who was reading the fans’ comments that day, found an article titled ‘Crush that requires paying more tax’ and laughed, saying, “Crush that requires more tax”.

Knetizens Reactions:

1. It’s rude, but what else are you talking about?

2. I didn’t know that, but you said Crush was bad
3. What is this.. Crush was someone who succeeded in music in the first place

4. It’s rude to say that Crush doesn’t like that sound

5. It’s rude if you’re offended

6. Very treasonable crime

7. Ryujin drips crush tax privately with his friends. No fault, Ryujin mentions dating of seniors in a public broadcast that everyone else sees, and even one of them is an active idol,Wrong

8. It’s not that Ryujin dripped taxes, and Joy Crush is openly in love, and I even read comments of similar drips in front of Crush on a YouTube channel

9. It’s a mistake, but I want to do something about this because these reactions are gathering and all of a sudden, I’m just being sarcastic

10. Well, it’s a mistake, but I wonder if it’s worthy of being insulted by an article


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