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‘ You’re Not Promoting As Oh My Girl?’ Gong Jiho Ex Member Of Oh My Girl Signs With P&Studio. Knetizens React

On the 10th, P&Studio said, “We have signed an exclusive contract with Ji-ho. Ji-ho will start a new leap as an actor with a new name of Gong Ji-ho. “he said. Gong Ji-ho debuted in the girl group Oh My Girl in 2015 and received great love from the public by performing various hit songs. Gong Ji-ho, who has received attention for her unique mask and her neat atmosphere, is expected to engage in various activities as an actress based on her experiences as a singer
Along with the news of the signing of the exclusive contract with P&Studio, a new profile picture of Gong Ji-ho was released, drawing attention. Gong Ji-ho in his profile cut draws attention with his natural clothes and makeup, as well as a chic and urban feel, as well as innocence and mysterious charm. Ji-ho, who used to fill the stage, now begins a new leap as an actor with the active name of Gong Ji-ho. Attention is paid to Gong Ji-ho’s future activities, who will continue to be active across various genres.

K-Netizens Reactions:

1. Haha, Gong Ji-ho, I feel something mysterious.

2. Huh, the name change is well engraved and it’s perfect.

3. I will always support you!! I love you Jiho ♥
4. Oh, so you’re not promoting as Oh My Girl?

5. Wow, the name of the activity was well named. Because it has the original name, it is familiar yet unique

6. Gong Ji-ho is so pretty!!! I will support you!!!!!!

7. The name itself is unique and pretty, but looking at the photos, it seems to fit well with the name Gong Ji-ho! I’m cheering you on~~

8. Ah, Jiho has left.. Cheer on Jiho’s acting career~

9. I came in saying Jiho is Kim?

10. We will also support our Jorang actor activities!!! I love you Gong Ji-ho


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